Quick question about site backups

If later on I want to switch from discourse hosting to my own server, does the site backups suffice?

Right now i’m hosting on/with Discourse, and I see there is option for backups. I do a backup and then when I go to click on “download” it says that I have to contact Discourse support for them to provide me with the download, but then I see that there is a place where I can click download and then its sends me an email stating that I can download from the email link… are these downloads refering to one and the same thing? so I end up with a .tar.gz file…

If later on I decide to go self hosting route, is this .tar.gz file all I need to restore the forum as before or is there something else that needs to be done on the part of Dicscourse support?

Not 100% sure since you described that you get a “please contact” kind of message and I’m not hosted on Discourse myself but according to this:

If you download your backup from an e-mail then that is your site’s backup.

Later, on a new Discourse installation you can upload that backup file (aka Restore) and have everything on your site back online as per that backup.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the reply this is screenshot of what I’m seeing…

also I get this email


Restore a backup from command line