How to backup Docker discourse from command-line before rebuilding broken Discourse?

(Ted Strauss) #1

I set up a Discourse site, and a couple days later it suddenly stopped working - tries to load for a couple minutes then “This web page is not available - ERR_CONNECTION_RESET”. It might be a RAM issue.
I am ready to use the launcher scripts to rebuild the container. But if possible I would like to backup the content that was added to the site so far.
Is there a preferred way to backup the DB and/or uploaded files manually from the command line?
I’ve been unable to track down the pgsql credentials in order to do a pgdump.

(Sam Saffron) #2

No need to backup anything, containers are disposable, all important data is stored outside the container

(Kane York) #3

You’ll be safe doing a rebuild, or a reboot (except EC2). Get it back running again, then take a backup from /admin/backups.

(Luma Delaplace) #4

Is there a way to start a backup from command-line through SSH ?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #5

I haven’t confirmed, but I’d assume there is a backup script just as there is a restore.