Quick thanks to the Discourse team for enabling a COVID-19 community

I would like to publicly thank @HAWK and the whole team for the extraordinarily generous way in which they are enabling volunteer actions around COVID-19.

We are starting a local delivery system for meals to COVID-19 patients. We are putting the whole workflow and communications on Discourse (I am already powering other communities here), in a fully hosted instance (hosted by Discourse).

@HAWK and the Discourse team have bent over backwards to enable us, with conditions that can’t be beat (I’ll let them discuss that part if they feel comfortable with it).

Kudos. Thanks so much you guys. You are good people.


Literally legends. :sunglasses:

All the team is amazing, Jeff doesn’t bite lol


I can’t take any more credit than the rest of the team but your kind words mean a lot.

It’s a tough time for everyone. My country is about to go into full lockdown for a month.

Anything we can do to help people get through this a little more easily is a no-brainer.

We’re all in this together.


Check out Calling out for volunteer Community Managers 📣 for the details.