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I have the below structure; for clarity, ** indicates what should be read-only

**Category A
    Category A1
    Category A2
    Category A3
    Category A4

**Category B
    **Category B1
        Category B11
        Category B12
    Category B2
    Category B3
    **Category B4
        Category B41
        Category B42

**Category C
    **Category C1
        Category C11

**Category D
    Category D1
    Category D2
    Category D3
    Category D4

I’m trying to prevent users from posting in certain categories; e.g. the main categories. I’ve set the below for one of the main categories but I can still post a new topic in it.

  1. Is this because I’m an admin? Or am I missing something?
  2. Is everyone a standard user or did I inherit it from the existing forum?

Yes, it’s because you’re an admin.

Not sure what you mean there.


Thanks :+1: I’m in the process of adding a normal user for testing purposes.

Sorry, I should have been more clear. If you look at my screenshot, there is a group (not a user, sorry) called everyone. I would like to know if this group is a standard group, meaning that every discourse forum has this group, or if it’s specific to the forum that I’m working on.

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Yes, it’s built in. All Discourse deployments feature everyone.


Thanks @RGJ and @Stephen. Issue solved.


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