Reccomendations for online hosts which don’t block port 25?

Does anyone have reccomendations for online hosts which don’t block port 25?

I am hosting my discourse server locally on my home ISP, but they block it… Ideally, maybe there is some service out there I could point my domain at which would forward any SMTP traffic to my server on a different port? But I don’t think that exists…?

At least most hosting services (like Digital Ocean) do not block incoming port 25.

Virtually all home ISPs block port 25. If you want incoming mail on you home-based internet, you’ll need to retrieve it via POP from some mailbox.

I believe Digital Ocean does block port 25 now:

SMTP port 25 is blocked on all Droplets for new accounts to prevent spam and other abuses of our platform.

I actually realized that SendGrid support a free incoming SMTP relay, so I will use that and write a simple server to take the incoming messages over HTTP and then send them to the discourse mail receiver over SMTP.

I believe that refers to outgoing port 25, not incoming port 25. I haven’t had any trouble installing incoming mail receivers. I do a bunch of installations for people with new accounts.


Ah that’s good to know!

For anyone else hitting this, I got this working with sengrid, using a small relay server: