Record time_read in user_visits?

I’ve been digging around in our db to get some metrics for our users. I see a user_visits table that keeps track of posts_read in that visit.

Is there some value in adding time_read to this, to get how much time the user spent in that visit? Is there some plugin that does this already?

(I know this is possible with Google Analytics; I was just curious if there was a way to get those numbers in the discourse db)

We have time_read (along with many others like days_visited, posts_read_count, topics_entered, etc) in the user_stats table. But this is overall, not by visit.


Hmm. yeah. The overall time_read can be useful, but not if we want to look at user behavior over time.

There is the topic_users table that has last_visited_at and total_msecs_viewed
I don’t see how progress through an individual topic could be graphed over time because AFAIK total_msecs_viewed Is cumulative.
But I think the table could be used to get an imperfect hint at reading activity across topics over time.