Recovering deleted topics


I’m trying to recover a deleted thread from a few months ago but it’s not showing up anywhere to restore. Even on the mod actions it’s not showing the thread that was deleted. Does anyone know if it’s possible to recover a deleted thread?



Hello Aife, welcome here :wave:t6:

Do you have the link to the deleted thread topic? Can you still visit it? Do you see it if you go to /?status=deleted

Do share a bit more context so we can better understand how you are currently seeing/accessing the topic you want to restore.

Hi @osioke the deleted topic doesn’t seem to show up anywhere so I can’t get a link for it. I have the thread title and just tried entering that as a URL with your suggestion /?status=deleted, but it says that page does not exist.

Do you know if it’s possible to restore it from a backup?

I’ve managed to track down the link through the flagged reports history. Feel free to close this!

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