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Hi everyone, I’m not very experienced with this kind of thing. I think this is the right category for my post, but correct me if I’m wrong.

I decided to try Discourse for its ability to embed comments into a Ghost site. I got a Discourse forum running yesterday, and I set up Google and Discord logins/registrations by following the official guides. Logging in using these methods doesn’t seem to be an issue, as long as the user has already created an account using the more traditional method. It’s when I test registering a new user with either of the methods that I run into a problem. On Chrome and Firefox, It works fine up through the authorization page, but then it just redirects back to the forum, without popping up a new user window, and without any messages. On Edge, it pops up a standard new user window (i.e. including password field) without the other sign up options. As far as I’m aware, what’s supposed to happen is that a new user window opens without a password field and with the other fields filled in. I’ve had a couple friends test it and they have the same issue. The same thing seems to occur on this very forum, as when I tried to sign up using Google, it didn’t work.

My Discourse is version 2.5.0.beta2, and it’s hosted on a DigitalOcean droplet, the $5/month cheapskate type.


Can you share a link to your instance?

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Sure. Probably should’ve done that in the first place huh.

Is there anything at related to login issues?

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It doesn’t look like it, just some MaxMindDB things and a FA icon deprecation. Since the same thing happens on this site, i.e., I’m not sure if it might be an issue with the latest Discourse version.


We think this is a legit bug we recently introduced and will be fixing it ASAP.


Ah, thanks for letting me know. I really appreciate the work you guys put into this. Looking forward to the fix!

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Please update your Discourse to receive the fix.


Updated and tested, and it seems to be working great! Thanks again.


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