Regular and Leader badge list broken

It is currently not possible to see who has the regular and leader badges. The badge description displays, but no users appear. Both the Basic and Member badges appear to work.

Console error:


I can see leader TL4 OK, but not regular TL3

Might this involve code that was written back when the trust level groups were named differently?

i.e. confusion caused by the tokens not being renamed to be more accurately descriptive.

  • Basic - TL 1
  • Regular - TL 2 now Member
  • Leader - TL 3 now Regular
  • Elder - TL 4 now Leader

Oh, interesting. I just tried viewing the badges as anon and it worked. Strange permission issue perhaps?

I guess it could be. I know there has been discussion about not displaying group details for non-group members for some groups. I didn’t think trust level groups were part of that, but then I don’t often visit the badge group pages so this could very well be related.

Odd though that I am a member of the one I’m not seeing.

Regression from FIX: 404 page when clicking a badge notification from before changing… · discourse/discourse@aab2d10 · GitHub


Reverted that fix. I don’t know what’s going on in that badge js code… the variable names are wrong I think?