Reinstate Staff Category

Short and silly, our staff category was deleted a while ago, is there any (non backup) way to restore this or manually re-create? Can I squeeze the tables back in from a vanilla backup?

The automated nginx reports have nowhere to post now…

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righto so I think I’ve fixed it, roughly here’s how

Entered Container

./launcher enter db-container

Accessed Discourse DB

su -c 'psql discourse' postgres

Had a look at the values of the deleted category

SELECT * FROM site_settings where name = 'staff_category_id'

This returned ID: 4

Found the Category ID of newly created staff category

SELECT id FROM categories WHERE name = 'new staff channel'

This returned ID: 15, which I re-assigned to the staff_category_id

UPDATE site_settings
SET value='15'
WHERE id='4';
AND name='staff_category_id'

I have the same issue, but my problem (I think it’s related to the fact that we have migrated from the stable version to the beta version after deleting the staff category) is that when I run the command

SELECT * FROM site_settings where name = 'staff_category_id'

the result is nothing.
It seems that the id of the staff category does not exist in the container.

Any workaround?