Reminder function for pre-defined trust levels

Hey friends!

At the moment the follow-up functionality is only available for users in trust level 4, right? Would it be possible to unlock it for other trust levels – e.g. trust level 2 (member)?


Hi Roman_Gomilsek welcome to the forum

Sorry, but I have no idea what you mean by “follow up function”.

Please describe it a bit more or maybe post a screencapture if that might help me to understand.


Ok, I tried to translate the German word for “Wiedervorlage” with an online translator :wink:

I mean the functionality of a reminder for topics or posts. e.g.: I would like to get a reminder for this topic in a month.

Do you know what I mean? :slight_smile:

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Thanks, that makes it a bit clearer.

There is a member preference setting for “send summary when I don’t visit” that could be used as a reminder. But that isn’t dependent on trust level.

And I know there are a couple of plugins that send reminders eg.
Moderator Extension
Discourse Assign

But those are for staff, not non-staff members.

I vaguely recall seeing discussion about some type of “not now, remind to get back to it” feature, but I can’t remember or find where that was. An existing Feature request topic?


Maybe you were thinking of this one: Bookmark labels to save for later