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Hello guys

I am still in the process of learning how to customize discourse.
I would like to hide from the user profile:

  • About me
  • Location
  • Web site

any input about how to do this? perhaps with a plugin?


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I tried with css but couldn’t remove the Location…

.primary-textual h3 i, .primary-textual a, .primary-textual .bio {
  display: none;

‘i’ remove the icon, ‘a’ the website and ‘bio’ the about me, you can add '.primary-textual h3’but it will also remove the rank.

Another way would be to remove the user settings

.pref-bio, .pref-location, .pref-website {
  display: none;

Both are only hidding content, and any user (who know how to) could with the developper tools see the data, but it’s lighter than a whole pluggin only to hide three field


That’s all that really matters, though - if people have to go that far out of their way to see it, it might as well not be there.

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Thank you @Vernam solved a problem we were facing as well.

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