Removing staged users - how to?

Hi, I set up email processing for incoming emails from anonymous users.

I decided to check this using an invite function. The email was sent from notification email to mailbox connected to category. A new topic was created successfully, the staged user was created too.

Then I open the mailbox and forward the invite mail to myself (i.e. again to the category). With the beta option for forwarded emails enabled the system returned a message that topic could not be created because no body detected. Seems like a bug, but nevermind. As a result, the second topic Email issue – No Content was created from the same staged user.

The question is how to remove this staged user :slight_smile:

I open admin panel, go to users, staged. Then first click to remove all user’s posts, next remove the user (just remove without blocking IP). After a few minutes, the user with its messages is returned. How to remove it and messages? What’s wrong? There are no any errors or warnings in log.

Removed it. That user (with the same email and nickname) was created 3 times. I assume that it is incorrect behavior. Admin cannot detect how many users correspond to email until checking user id in the database. Looks like a bug but I am not sure.

Are you sure the email was the same? Staged users exist only as emails so I am not sure how duplicates could be possible. Can you provide the specific user info here?

Yes, I am. After I deleted the user 3 times with its messages, Topics table has the following info:

You may see that ids 330, 332 and 334 should be a single topic, they even have the same time of creation. I think each time I tried to delete the user a new user was creating, therefore topics have update timestamp.

The same for ids 331, 333 and 335.

My settings:

  • anonymous posting min trust level = TL4
  • pop3 polling enabled
  • pop3 polling username =
  • pop3 polling delete from server = off
  • log mail processing failures = on
  • email in = on
  • email in min trust = TL0
  • block auto generated emails = off
  • enable forwarded emails = on

The issue is reproducable, steps:

  1. Assign email to category, let it be, my category is accessible only to groups.
  2. Go to invitations in your profile (I am an admin)
  3. Send an invitation for
  4. After 5 minutes check received email at
  5. Check if staged user has appeared at
  6. Check if topic created
  7. Open mail client for and forward the invitation just received to Do not change the email, just forward as is.
  8. After 5 minutes check received email at - probably it will not be processed because of empty body, ignore it.
  9. Go to and delete the staged user. The correspond topic will be deleted automatically.
  10. Wait 5 minutes and refresh the following pages:
    your category
  11. You should see the deleted user and topic has appeared again.
  12. Repeat steps 9-11, you should see the same, last time.

This user is still alive… It is resurrected every time I delete him. How can I investigate this deeply?

Update: to resolve this I removed incoming email address at the category for 10 min. After that an email dropped to (this is a notification email, from which invites send) informed that address is unreachable. This has stopped.

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