Rendering of lines inside "boxed" area changed from multiple lines to a single line

This problem seems to started recently, Installed 3.1.1 (0612f0d5b6). I don’t when exactly it changed but this content is rendered differently now.

There’s the sample

Some text before the box
> Line 1
Line 2
Line 3

This is how it renders here:

Some text before the box

Line 1
Line 2
Line 3

However on my site it renders as:

Why is it rendering differently with all the lines in a single line? How do I get it to render like it used to, i.e. how it’s rendering here on a multiple lines

Could you try disabling the traditional_markdown_linebreaks setting on your site?


Yup that fixed it. I had to rebuild the HTML for the changes to take effect. Does that mean I need to only rebuild the HTML for posts which may have been edited after this UI behavior changed or for all posts?

When did this behavior change?

It was a default disabled setting on our install, so perhaps the default was changed or one of your other admins changed the setting.

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