Replying through email suddenly stopped due to Let's Encrypt changes

Hi, we’re unfortunately having some issues with the “reply by email” part of Discourse…

Since we started using Discourse nearly 2 years ago it has been great for our network to use as a comms platform. People would post > everyone would be emailed notifying of that post > then people could either go on to the topic and reply in Discourse OR people could simply hit reply in their inbox and their reply would be posted as a reply in the topic on Discourse. The author of the post would also be notified that someone had replied.

Recently the replying in our inbox ability has stopped! We cannot work out why… (Not exactly tech whizzes here :upside_down_face:)
People are hitting reply and either:

  • Getting bounces
  • Nothing happening

Either way, the author is not seeing any replies on the post or being notified of any replies.

Things to note:

  • SOME emails sent from Discourse about an original post are coming from a “Name (noreply@forum.[ourdomain].com)” which I don’t know how to change
  • The email layout we have in our inboxes and in Discourse settings is "replies+######@forum.[ourdomain].com and as both match it should surely work? (Where#### represents a lot of numbers and letters).
  • We have 0 emails in since 30th September 2021, but plenty before then - hence sudden stop. (Under “Admin - emails - received”)
  • We have had 0 rejected from within Discourse (Under “admin - emails - rejected”)

Is this enough to explain the problem?
Hopefully someone out there can help us!



Do you have your own mail-receiver set up? If so you could try a rebuild:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild mail-receiver

The timing suggests this is almost certainly caused by the letsencrypt certificate changes. You can find instructions for fixing the problem here:

Unfortunately there was no way for us to push out an automatic update for this problem, so an “Announcement” was the best we could do - sorry for the disruption!


Thank you - this worked!

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