Reports by Discourse

We are trying to download reports from the discourse & facing a few issues:

  1. Currently, we can look at data points one metric at a time, is it possible to query the data with multiple metrics and see different cuts?
  2. The data is available as excel downloads. Can we get access to APIs in order to get all the data for our community into our environment so that we can query the data independently and do analysis as required?
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There is a section in the API docs for exporting reports, should be what you’re after?


Why not use the excellent inbuilt Data Explorer?

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Downloading the reports through the API is probably the best approach for sites that don’t have the Data Explorer plugin installed. For site’s that do have the Data Explorer plugin, using it would be the best approach for getting the exact data that you need. Data Explorer queries can also be run through the API: How to run Data Explorer queries with the Discourse API.

On our hosting the Data Explorer plugin is not available on the Standard plan. We’re always happy to upgrade a site to the Business plan and get them started with a few Data Explorer queries.


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