Require password to access admin panel

Hey Discourse Team,

What are the chances you could implement a security feature that requires one to re-enter their password to enter the Admin panel?

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For what purpose? Why is this needed? Provide real world examples please.

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I’m logged in to my forum all the time, whether it be on my phone or tablet (via Discourse app) or the browser on my Mac. I’d feel better knowing if someone walked off with one of my devices that my forum wouldn’t be on my ‘panic list’.

Discourse would not be the first platform to implement such a security feature.

Maybe I’m overly paranoid.

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Uh, does your phone not require a password? If not, the your forum is the least of your worries. If so, then what’s the problem?

It’s pretty easy to force a log out on all of your devices.

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A workaround mentioned elsewhere here on meta is to create a separate admin account for yourself and use a normal users account for day to day usage.