Require users to visit forum after making Shopify purchase

I’m selling event tickets on Shopify and want customers signed up to my discourse forum when they buy. Anyone have suggestions?

I thought maybe I could collect their email addresses when they purchase. Then somehow send them a sign up link and auto message them a code/maybe even a QR code as their ticket… but it’s a little messy and I’d love more opinions and ideas

The idea is that they need to visit the forum to collect their code/digital ticket (the forum is where they’ll get event updates)

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As long as you have a valid email address, you could email them an invite to the forum – but they’d need to click the link in the email to create the account.


Thanks Jeff, that seems like a good 1st step. I need to also give them a reason why they have to click the link and create an account.

I was thinking that perhaps i can generate a QR code/or normal code, and send it to all new members via a message within Discourse. The issues with that are 1) is it possible/practical? 2) what about users who sign up the normal way… can i give an invite link that automatically adds them to a team, or gives them a specific user level?

for other readers, if i/we can find a solution then this would be a fantastically powerful way to channel users into your forum

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Did you figure this out? I’d like to learn how you solved your issue.