Requirements to reply in a specific category

So I have an interesting problem that I don’t know quite how to solve.

I have a giveaway category on my forum. The problem is that some people ONLY participate in those threads, and nowhere else on the forum. I have already set the requirement of the category to trust level 1 - I am hesitant to set it to trust level 2 though. I would rather solve it another way, if at all possible.

How would you attack this problem?

I thought about making a custom “internal badge” that is awarded if you have twice as many posts in other categories than in that specific category - but that wouldn’t help much, since you can’t limit replies to people with specific badges?

That is another suggestion: In security on categories, it would be cool if we could require one or more badges to enable replying there :slight_smile:

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Maybe you could change the rules of the giveaways: When drawing a winner, make each participant’s chances depend on the number of :heart: received in the main categories of your forum. (This should probably be on a non-linear scale so newer accounts also have a chance.)
A Data Explorer query could help you to easily extract this information as needed :slight_smile:


Category permissions are restricted by group memberships. So instead of awarding them a custom badge, add them to a custom group. Then go to category settings and set it so that the everybody can see the category but to create or reply you need to belong to the group.


Or do both (auto-assign the badge to group members).