Restrict themes to certain groups?

I’d like a way to restrict themes to particular groups - for example, I’m hoping to give the donators group access to certain exclusive themes and ones that aren’t ready to be released publicly. There any way to do this?


That isn’t currently possible, no.


That would be a great feature, I wonder if there is a way to develop such a plug-in independently. Also if there were a way to label tags that come from different types of users (or at least differentiate between admin and members. What do you think about that?:grinning

It could be done in a plugin, it is rather tricky, but doable.

would definitely be useful. got any pointers on how a plugin could work?

As a starting point, you could have a look at how theme access is overridden for the system:

The allow_theme? method is used in Discourse’s application controller here:

As Sam said, what you want to do is possible, but it will require a fair amount of development work to get it working smoothly


I kind of did this and tied it to Patreon tiers