How to define custom permissions for staff, admins, moderators


I want to change user groups permissions, for example:
Admin Group - all permissions
Co Admin - can do anything but cannot open some sections on admin pane

How to do that? Thanks!

That’s not possible by default since admins have unrestricted access to all the sections of the forum. Depending on what kind of permissions you want to revoke, maybe demoting them to moderator can be helpful?

Moderator cannot create a categories and i want that

Mods can create categories if you enable the moderators_create_categories settings in your discourse admin.


Where i find that? I looked through all the categories in the admin panel and did not see anything that I could assign to moderators.
*Is there something like moderators_create_themes?

Go to admin > Settings
Then search for the keyword moderators_create_categories


Is your Discourse up to date?

What you are asking is, "Is there something like ‘moderators can crash the whole site by making a broken theme?’ ". I’m pretty sure that the answer is going to be “No.”

You could install a remote theme hosted in github that a moderator could change, but an admin would still need to pull in the changes.

You do not know who will tinker with the themes, how can you make that statement?
I asked this question because there are no groups with custom rules like it said above.

My point is that if you trust someone enough to change themes then you can make them an admin.

If you would like to allow non-admins to modify themes or otherwise change what a moderator can do you’ll need a custom plugin.


Not in my current scenario. We have UX and Design teams and they are only responsible for that area, so only access to the themes would be necessary.


We have this same use case as well. We have outside contractors (web designers) that we want to grant access to this. An full admin would have access to everything, including private management discussions, which is something not desirable.

It would be nice to have a workflow that allows web designers submit or try changes without full admin access.

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Hi @Joaquin_Menchacha

Thank you for your post and reminder on this topic.

We also wish (plan) to refine some of the admin controls in the future.

For example, we are interested in a plugin (someday) which will be configured with variables in the yml container file and will restrict certain admin actions (like downloading the full backup of the site) to only certain users (userids).

This plugin idea is “on my plate” and when I get a chance, I’ll look into it more. So far, I have not even taken the first step of looking at the code and examining the feasibility of this idea.