Retaining Customizations after Theme Updates


Couldn’t find anything relevant in this regard but is there a way so that Themes Installed through github could be updated in a way that changes made to the header and body sections could be preserved?

In the same stylesheet of the original theme is not possible, for what I know. But you can add your changes in another stylesheet and then add it as a theme component.
In this way when you update the theme from github your changes will be preserved and not overwritten.


Like importing a 3rd party stylesheet?
Actually there is a lot of header code on one of my projects (navigation links & Stuff)

is it possible to retain those and still somehow update theme?

Make those changes in a child theme that is included from the master.

Any how-to reference on creating a child theme?

Sorry. It’s not called child theme. It’s “theme components” best the bottom of the theme settings.

Make each change in a separate theme and include it in the main themes.

I’m Using material design theme from Github!

So it is the Main theme?
where do I make changes? (Material theme says changes will be deleted on theme update)
I Found that theme components feature but how to use it?


In your admin panel under “themes”. Click on New, add all the things that are not inside the original material design theme, click Save.
Then click on Material design main theme, go to themes component, choose your new stylesheet and add it.

As you can see I have 25 component added to Material Design original theme



Trying it now! :slight_smile: