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Hi, and Merry Christmas all :slight_smile:

I have had a few members of my community ask if there could be a faster way of returning to the top of a thread. I have pointed out that the date to the side of the trhead can be scrolled and/or clicked to fast track back to the beginning, however, it’s that obvious.

We have a wide range of ages using our discourse platform, and for simplicity, it helps if we sometimes spell things out for them. For example:

The origin date is normally here, but is there a way I can replace that with what I propose in the image?

If so, can anyone provide any guidance on how this might be achieved?


@Steven restyled ours with an appropriate icon instead of the date, but he could change the text as well.


Thanks @Mark_Schmucker. Where would I make this change? Can I see an example?

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You can also return to the top of a topic by clicking on the title in the header on both desktop and mobile.


If that doesn’t work for your users and you still want to add “Return to the top” then add this to the common CSS tab of your theme

.timeline-date-wrapper .start-date {
  &:before {
    content: "Return to top"; // Change the text here

  .d-label {
    display: none; // hide the topic OP date


Oh wow - as simple as that! Thanks so much @Johani :slight_smile:

  • Press the home key on your keyboard

  • Click the static topic title at the top of the browser

  • Or, as you noted, click the date at the top of the timeline