Access the top of the topic page

hello , i hope u r fine <3

when I’m trying to access to the topic page , its moving me dirctly to the bottom of the topic !
how can i fix it ?
i need to access to the top of the topic when i click on it ! IDK how to do it actually :frowning:

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that is the expected behavior - when you enter a topic it takes you to the first post you have not read since your last visit to that topic. you can easily go to the first post by clicking the topic title at the top in the header bar, or use the timeline scroller on the right side of the page. the behavior is dependent on the whether the user has visited that topic yet and which posts they last read. there is also a red line that shows above the posts have been made since a use’s last visit


ohh i guess there is a static solution that’s help me to enter to the top of the topic
i didn’t know about the behavior !

thx alot <3


FWIW There’s also the ‘Navigate to first post after topics are read’ category setting too. You can find that on the Settings tab in the Category Wrench.


Maybe one of these helps you

Can I disable "Jump to last unread" feature? - #2 by awesomerobot


oh i forgot about that setting. :+1:

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I did successfully <3
thanks alot bro I appreciate that <3

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You can also append the post number to the url will go to the first post.


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