Revision conflict with 2 users editing a wiki post at the same time

I just ran into this. There is a fantastic feature request discussion and solutions suggested here:

Somebody wrote the collude plugin and then the feature request was closed. Only issue is that collude plugin is broken, and so I’m still stuck with this issue.

Can we reopen that feature request?

I believe we are definitely going to un-break that plugin and make it first party… but I still personally view it as a fairly experimental thing. @sam can clarify as it is his call.


Yes we sponsored some work on collude, we need to run through official validation to make sure it works as it says on the box and we can make it an official plugin available to our enterprise customers based on interest out there.

I agree it is pretty experimental, but for this very specific use cases etherpad like functionality can be pretty handy.

I guess watch this space for when we wrap up our work.

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Closing this out with a link to: