Rising scroll threshold in code blocks (or complete unfolding)


(Pavel Kretov) #1

When you insert a Markdown code block (```) into your message, it receives automatic vertical scrollbar if its content is long enough. But I don’t mind having long listings in messages and want to display code inline until it reaches, say, 200 lines long. Is there a way to control this threshold?

Alternatively, if no such threshold can be set, is it possible to completely unroll the listing regardless its length? I tried setting display: table to code tag, it worked, but block width got shrink to content width too. So I tried setting width: 100%, but that resulted in having horizontal scrollbar emerged. I’m not that skilled in CSS, could anybody please help me?

(cpradio) #2

You want to adjust and/or remove the max-height attribute of pre code

So in your Admin > Customize > CSS/HTML > CSS area, put

pre code {
  max-height: 800px;

You can change 800px to any number really, it simply implies when the code block reaches that amount of space, start showing the scrollbar.

(Pavel Kretov) #3

Thanks! That works like a charm and is exactly that I wanted.