S3 backups for multisite show up in root directory of bucket

I just set up a multisite instance with backups via S3 like this in web_only.yml. I followed Setting up file and image uploads to S3 and let discourse create the bucket when it did the backup.

  DISCOURSE_S3_BACKUP_BUCKET: lc-client-name

Backups for the main site and the multisites succeed, but only the main site can see the backups. I thought it was a permissions issue by the client who configured the bucket, but when I look at the bucket via the S3 web interface
I see a default directory that holds backup as expected, but the other sites are saving their backups in the root of the bucket, not in site-name.

multisite.conf has stanzas like

  adapter: postgresql
  database: sitename
  pool: 25
  timeout: 5000
  host: data
  password: so-secret
    - community.sitename.com

I feel like I must once again be doing something silly like a missing comma, but I’m not seeing it.

And if I create a directory called “sitename” on the s3 web interface and move the file there then it does show up in backups.

It appears that somehow files are getting uploaded to the wrong place, but it’s listing existing backups from the correct place.

Could it be a :bug: ?

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