ScaleWay review?

That would be six really slow cores, though, which might be great if you want to serve a lot of simultaneous page views really slowly, but otherwise is not a great strategy for a web application.


So far, I’m on Scaleway ARM, but I plan to change to x86_64 architecture. What’s your actual plan? This one?

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Yes, that’s the one I use for two small or development communities. Been very happy with it so far. Read all the instructions from earlier posts.


Just a quick update that ScaleWay has been consistently stable during my time there. ~100% uptime with no issues what so ever. Still my top choice for small communities or as a development environment.


I set up a small (scout group organization: ~30 users, invite only, low activity) Discourse instance on a VC1S server (the €2,99 plan above) about a week ago. So far it seems to be running smoothly.

I wanted to point out that, instead of changing the kernel as @ljpp described, one can also use the Docker InstantApp which is basically Ubuntu 16.04.1 with docker set up (aufs storage backend by default).


Scaleway users make note of this one:

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Hi, I will quickly share my experience with ScaleWay. I used “Starter VC1S” droplet with 2GB RAM, 50GB SSD, 2 x86 cores. Impact on site performance was noticeable, but not unusable. (previously my instance was hosted on Digital Ocean 1GB droplet) Everything was fine for a week or two. Until I started receiving complains from my users about unaccessible page. No error messages were shown, page was just blank. I quickly discovered that this problem can be fixed by clearing browser cache. Blank pages were caused by strange javascript syntax errors and only some users experienced this problem(with nothing similar between them - they had wide variety of devices, browsers and internet connections).
Next I discovered that backups downloaded from this instance were faulty. Site restore on fresh VPS using these backups generated errors and failed.

It seems that that the cause of these problems was bad connection to the server. At least that was the cause for faulty backups. Backups downloaded from web interface were faulty, while the same backups downloaded via sftp were fine. I used FileZilla to download backup files. When download was done I noticed many “connection lost” errors in the FileZilla logs.

After working backup files were retrieved I went strait back to Digital Ocean and haven`t experienced any problems since.


I wonder if ScaleWay has quietly changed something in their infrastructure, or is over selling their capacity. It ran perfectly for months, and now people are running into these issues. My communities did not grow substantially during that time, nor did Discourse change too much since I am on stable branch.

I have since moved my midget sites to Hetzner’s VPS and so far so good.


Are you using https? Those problems sound like they could have been infected by an intermediary.

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I was not using https at the time.

(Lest I was unclear. . . ) It’s a good bet that the problems you describe would go away with https.

You were very clear. Thanks for the advice! Https really did not cross my mind at the time.

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I’ve seen similar network corruption issues with low-cost VPSes in the past. They all went away when we switched to HTTPS, because corrupted data aborts the connection instead of being saved in the browser cache.

(For certain values of “went away” - it turned a random persistent service problem into a random temporary service problem.)


The forum with very few traffic is currently hosted on Scaleway ( With VAT, that’s 3.59 EUR and comes with a 50GB SSD.

Scaleway is cool, although a bit slow. Good package for the money. There were some time-out issues with rebuilds, but I beleive the devs have increased the time-out perioids after these findings.

I have a multi-site with two discourse installations running on Scaleway and rebuilds have not been an issue so far.


ScaleWay has added new interesting product options to their portfolio. Their Intensive workload plans are most interesting, for example:

6 X86 64bit Cores
15GB memory
250Mbit/s Unmetered

Edit: And they deliver.

CPU model:  Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU D-1531 @ 2.20GHz
Number of cores: 6
CPU frequency:  2199.992 MHz
Total amount of RAM: 15019 MB
Total amount of swap:  MB
System uptime:   11 min,       
I/O speed:  294 MB/s
Bzip 25MB: 4.59s
Download 100MB file: 103MB/s

One of the faster single core performance tests measured (4.59 secs)!


Yes, me.

I’ve been running my small community Discourse site on Scaleway for a few months on their x86_64, the €2.99 a month deal. Recommended, but see below…

Great stability and performance, but yes, it took me a day or so to figure out and disable the default SMTP block! :sweat_smile:

Cons: they don’t yet do two-factor authentication for access to their website. They promise it as a forthcoming improvement. Much needed imho - what is the point of secure SSH support if you leave a gaping vulnerability in the web admin console?! The mischief some might get up to … :grin:

Another issue is the lack of DNS configuration. After a great experience on (the more expensive but more fully featured) Linode I was disappointed by Scaleway’s lack of a good tool. I was forced to use my domain name providers tool which was clunky to say the least and required a workaround for dealing with SMTP and subdomain: my site emails are configured to be sent by the primary domain since I wasnt able to fully validate the subdomain with the mail server using the limited tool I had.



Scaleway has added two-factor authentication, I’m pleased to say.

Site has been rock solid since last post, no issues.

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Terrible hosting! I registered on this hosting and created vps. Ip address my vps was blocked in my country. great! Address change is refused and blocked my account… wonderful!!! Do not use from them servers.