Scrolling generating many entries in History menu/log

(putting this here because not sure if bug or feature)

I’m a user on the hoocoodanode site that kcoop just brought up yesterday. One thing I noticed, and kcoop does not see happening, is that when I scroll up or down in a thread, I keep getting items added to my History menu (and log). This appears to be happening each time the Discourse s/w updates the URL at the top of the window.

Thus far, I have observed this happening on three browser/OS combinations:
Mac OS X 10.6.8 / Firefox 41.0.2
Mac OS X 10.8.5 / Safari 6.2.3
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (current stable) / Firefox 41.0.2

Is this being caused by a installation configuration option, or something the user can turn on/off ?

Apologies if this has already be asked. TIA

Correct, this is by design, as the URL changes to reflect your position in the topic.

There is a plugin to disable this behavior at the site level if the site owner does not want that behavior.

Any chance of this becoming a user-settable option?

To be clear, the changing of the URL in the navigation bar doesn’t bother me. Where the issue arises, is changing the URL causes new entries to be recorded in the browser’s History log, and menu. If we could get one, without the other, that would be perfect.

It is a user-settable option with the plugin.


Awesome, thanks. I’ll search for it.

Worked like a charm, thanks!

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Unfortunately, this is just how the history.replaceState() API works. You can see similar effects on Google Maps.


It would be nice if there was some theoretical HTML5 JS way to change the URL but skip insertion in history. The reality is that very, very few people use browser history, though. I know I almost never do, in a decade of web browsing pretty much all day every day.