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Hello, is there a way to change the background image between light and dark mode?


Great addon! We appreciate it a lot.
One question. Is there a way to encode the url in the suggested results?

Hi @awesomerobot,

is there a way to sync with the algolia plugin → Discourse Algolia Search

At the moment i have like 2 search engine ( Discourse and Algolia ) is there a way i can choose the main one ?


Hi Awesome,

Found an issue when Discourse chat plugin activated the Banner of your component blanks.

Running Test-passed

using Air theme. When Chat plugin disabled it displays no issues. After chat enabled as above.


I was wondering if you had a chance to look into the above issue? Is it something that can be fixed in the component or does this rewuire a fix on the Chat plugin side? Have crossed posted isdue there as well. Haven’t seen any feedback there.

EDiT: On further careful testing using preview in your component. The issue is not related to your component. But some kind of conflict with Air Theme background. My apologies for the incorrect assessment.

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Hello, I’ve just installed the component - However, I can’t seem to find where to change the text in the settings… I’d like to remove it to leave the basic layout search bar, and i’m not a fan of the main-container wide search bar with no text !

Ty :purple_heart:


Goto admin Panel Customize choose Component where you installed it. Scroll down to Discourse search banner select it and scroll down near bottom see pics.

The Style section above marked text also has a Big Style no Text Option

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hi, thank you for the answer !

Unfortunaly, I have tried to remove the text there, however as our forum is not in english, but in french/german, removing this text just results in the original text still showing up…
Also, I’m more fan of the basic style of the search bar, and not so much of the div-wide search bar :confused:

maybe i can change it in the text translations however !


Click on Special Style. There is an option there Big Search no Texf

Result (Edit didn’t Notice yoy mentioned preferring smaller bar.)

You could simplify the Text to 1 Line each maybe.

Or as per Op post there is also this component.

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I just tried with blanking text fields. It works. Be sure to save each field by the green checkmark.



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Is there a CSS available that we could set a different background image for when user selects dark mode?

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I just made a PR to this theme-component adding the ability to choose a different background image for when user is using dark mode.

@awesomerobot could you review it? Is my first time using PR, I guess I did it correctly :smiley:

Kind regards,


Thanks I just reviewed it and made a few minor suggestions.


Hi there,

So this is probably quite minor but some members in our forum recently complained about the magnifying glass icon :mag: does not do anything when clicked on.

They expected it to open up the Advanced Search UX similar to the “slider” icon in the normal search bar (see my video below). Is this something you think you could add to future enhancements?



Yes, this is a good point. I’ve just merged in an update that will achieve this, so you’ll just need to update the component.


What is the default image size for the background image? I’m sure I can find this somewhere in the GIT but I’m a noob. Thanks.

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I remember Kris said in a PM about the search banner itself :point_down: