Search for posts created within a certain timeframe

Sometimes you may want to scope searches to a subset or range of dates. Our search interface supports before and after search clauses. They accept a full date, name of month or day of week.


  • before:june hashtag - Posts with the search term hashtag posted before last June

  • before:2014 category:bug order:latest - Posts in the bug category created prior to 2014

  • after:friday broken - Posts created after last Friday with the word broken in them

  • after:2016-01-12 before:2016-01-20 happy - Posts created after 12th of Jan 2016 and before 20th of Jan 2016 with the word happy

  • after:june before:july in:first composer - Searches the first post in topic created from last June for the word composer

  • after:10 before:8 thing - Posts containing the word thing that were posted between 8 and 10 days ago.

All dates are in UTC, we always use beginning of day UTC as the start time for any period.

The filter applies to created_at date of posts, not to the date a topic is created. If you need to filter on topic creation use in:first