How to efficiently go over many posts in different categories?


In my job, I was recently onboarded as a moderator to a fairly large forum, with many categories in use. One of my tasks is to go over every single topic/post/comment (or at least just the topic titles) posted regardless of categories in less than X hours ago.

Is there an easy way to do this in the current implementation of Discourse?

I would like to have something similar to a global search that would pull up ALL content newer than, let’s say, 8 hours (or rather, ALL new content since my last visit), all laid out in a single screen. The preferred workflow would be to able to see everything and then click on stuff that jumps out so I can see in context.

This would be even more perfect if I could pull up all this content but for a selected subset of categories. Let’s say, we have categories #A to #Z, but I could pull up all content posted under categories #A to #K and leave out content from categories #L onwards.

Is there a screen or a feature in Discourse that enables me to do this efficiently?

If not, how would you go about doing that? As of now, the only way I can think to do this is to manually click individually on every single one of the many categories I need to keep an eye on, and then read the topic sorted by recency up until I feel like I can stop. But that is entirely too much work, it would suck if that turned out to be the only way.


The search page should let you do that already. Use the date parameter and the category parameter.

Hi, Jeff! Thanks for your time.

I’m trying to do this with the Search Options page (/search?expanded=true), but it doesn’t look super straightforward. For example: it doesn’t seem that I can select multiple items in the “Categorized” drop-down, but it also isn’t explicitly clear that I can’t, so I’m here wondering if this is possible and I’m dumb or if it isn’t possible and I’m wasting my time trying to figure it out.

Also, regarding the “Posted” selector: If I want to see only posts from today, should I select “Before” or “After” along with today’s date? “Before today” seems like it will only pull posts from yesterday and older, while “After today” seems like it would pull… nothing? Should I select “After” and input yesterday’s date to see today’s posts? Furthermore, when’s the cutout between yesterday and today? Is it according to my own time zone, or whatever time zone my employer set the forum to?

Wouldn’t it be possible to, instead, have a way to select only posts I haven’t yet seen? Or posts since my last visit, regardless of whether I saw them or not? Or even a relative time selector, something like “Published in the past ____ hours”?

Fabio, doesn’t the “latest” page (the one where you actually land when going to for example) do exactly this ? Or the “new” page if you only want to see newly created topics. It’s sorted by time, so you just need to stop when you reach post older than XXX hours


Yeah, it’s actually almost exactly what I wanted. It only could be better if I could filter by several categories while leaving several other categories out. (The forum I’m managing is divided into two main categories with many sub-categories in each, and I cover only one of them.)

Go in your preferences => “Categories” and MUTE the one(s) you don’t want. I never tried it myself, but I guess that should work according to what you want to do.


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