Search for users that have staff notes

Is it possible to get a list of users that have a staff note? It would be great for this show as a filter in the /admin/users



Our new moderation dashboard has a Staff Notes report. We’re currently testing it here and we’ll be rolling it out soon. Any idea of the ETA on that @joffreyjaffeux ?


I just improved the staff_notes report which will give you this report.

It’s available with discourse master and discourse-staff-notes master


This is great! I’ll try it tomorrow

Thank you @joffreyjaffeux @HAWK


So did you try it @eatcodetravel ?

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On it, got busy with other things. When this is going to land test-passed?

It landed days ago on test-passed


Sweet, I can see it now @joffreyjaffeux

What about pagination? Is it implemented? If so, how it works?

Thanks for working on this!

Pagination is implemented, but is only client side for now. It means it will try to load all the results in a date range, and page it 50 by 50 on this page. I might implement server side pagination but i’m not sure it brings any value

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Cool, I think if it gets implemented it should be in a way others “sections” in the dashboard can benefit from it, like providing an interface to add search + pagination to anything you want in the moderation dashboard.

I see how searching can help with staff notes, for example we are using it to save “extra data” from our users, we reach to them via PM if they select an option when they sign up, and save whatever we need in staff notes.

Yes I thought of it, but I still think in this case you should just click on report title and go the dedicated page. I do agree infinite pagination directly on dashboard pages would be cool, I just think it would be a lot of code for kind of a minimal value.

I would prefer to work on adding filters in report page first, like being able to filter staff_notes report by moderator or user. I made multiples changes to reports in this optic, and I think it would bring a lot of value to this page.


Yes I thought of it, but I still think in this case you should just click on report title and go the dedicated page

Yes, this is a better way to do it.

Thanks for the work, looking forward to seeing more stuff implemented in the moderation dashboard :rocket:


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