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when navigating to a category, f.e. “feature” in the meta-forum, hitting the search-button reavels a preticked checkbox which says “Search the #[category] category”.

Is there any option to disable the checkbox by default for logged-in and anonymous users?


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It assumes that since you are in that category you are looking for something inside that category. There is not a way to disable the check being pre-ticked.


T.hanks for your kind and helpful reply @ondrejj

We host a forum with 7k members and nobody seems to understand and notice this feature… our stuff keeps getting pns and mails regarding problems with discourse´s search-feature… the majority of our users (I´m aware that this problem might be specific to our userbase) just don´t seem to find what they`re searching for… For me as an admin restricting the search to the current category or tag makes total sense… sadly our user generelly think hitting the search-icon triggers a global search…

I wish checkboxes could be assigned a default value…

Cheers and keep up the awesome work!


Maybe you can make a topic explaining how different aspects of a Discourse search work. For example:

Search short explanation

Advanced Search

This feature is hiding near the search bar. It’s commonly known as options and once you press it, the Advanced Search section opens. There, you will find many filters that will help you track the topic you are looking for easier and quicker.

Ever wanted to filter one specific topic but you didn’t know how exactly to do it? As you might have already guessed it, there is a way to do that. Once you have entered a topic, press the search icon 247a8765dd7e1444f2d52226fc319c3ae9fcd9be and tick the small box that appears under the search bar → ba319082f0d2ee9e34f8a81244b979a920613b65 Once you have done that, search for keywords and discourse will automatically track them down for you.

Credits to @Thomas_G for this whole section


[As @ondrejj also mentioned] I encourage you to create tutorials that will help the community members get to know all the different features of discourse. Either link them here to search for tutorials or create some yourself. Here is what I did for a community based on discourse:

Tips and Tricks for the Infinite Flight Community

How to use the community tools

How to read your profile

Let me know if you would like help in order to re-create them.


@ondrejj and @Thomas_G thank you for your answers. I´ll do exactely that :slight_smile:
T.hank you for your time and effort!


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