Security section shows Cloudflare IP instead of user's IP

I use cloudflare on my domain and server, I noticed that sometimes when accessing my community and going to the preferences when entering the “security” section it shows the cloudflare IP instead of showing the user’s real IP, is it possible to fix this

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I’m not too familiar with this stuff, but have you seen this doc?


In my case I don’t think that would be the case, as I currently use cloudflare just for security against DDOS or WEB-based attacks, my cloudflare works by doing domain resolution and blocking certain IP’s / countries from visiting my community, the problem is that my discourse is unable to determine the visitor’s real IP, the cloudflare IP ends up appearing as if the person was actually accessing it through the cloudflare network

Did you add the cloudflare web template?


Sorry, I’m new to all this, I couldn’t understand

This should help: How do you setup Cloudflare? - #6 by codinghorror