See how many new topics and posts are available to read in the browser tab

Discourse will show you how many new items there are on the current page in the browser tab, either in the page title, or by superimposing a count over the favicon.

This allows you to:

  • Quickly tell if someone posted something new on a particular topic.
  • Quickly tell if you have new or unread posts on a category.
  • Quickly tell if there has been any new activity in the site since you last looked.
  • See indicators for new posts or topics when you are not logged in.

Topic title mode (default)

Discourse automatically updates the browser title to indicate how many new items there are on the current page.

New topics in a topic list

When the current page is a topic list, the number indicates how many new or updated topics there are in that topic list that are available to be loaded.

:alarm_clock: in topic list you should expect that the count in the blue box will always match the count in the title or icon.

New posts in a topic

When the current page is a topic and the tab is in the background, a count is shown for all new posts in that topic.

:alarm_clock: As soon as topic gains focus the count will go down to 0

Icon mode

Optionally, users may choose to see these counts of new items in the “favicon” rather than in the page title.

This is useful if you keep so many tabs open that only the favicon is showing. To enable this option, selec Show new / updated topic count on browser icon in the Other section of the Interface tab in your Preferences.