Notification count in Tab

I know I saw it as “experimental”, but it was working here at meta up until recently.

So I’m wondering if it’s now being absent because it was given up on, or is it something else?

I can learn to live without it, but if I could help troubleshoot I’d be up to that too.

Then it’s not working for me, in Chrome, or Firefox.

I get it in the banner and at the Avatar. but not the in the Tab

Count is only there when browser tab has no focus …

I mean it’s not doing it at all, in the tab, even when I was working at another tab and y’all replied.

Replies to you do (aka notifications) not increment that number, only new or updated topics. It is equivalent to the blue bar that appears on topic lists when stuff updates.

Essentially it is the number of new or updated topics since you last looked at the tab. It is NOT notification count.

(This is all very, very confusing to me still @sam)

OK, Unread posts since last visit? Still not getting that in the tab, which is what I’m trying to ask, though, even in FB, Unread Message flashes in the Tab, while email always shows unread in the In-Box (as of last refresh). Is it possible to add that to Discourse? Maybe that’s a better question…?

I just made a wiki for this,

Feel free to clean it up and add it to official docs @erlend_sh , keep in mind that I just fixed a pile of brokeness here today that regressed recently.


I understand how the notification count in the title works, but I find that on high traffic sites the ‘new / updated topic count’ it’s not very helpful anymore - the number of topic updates masks the information that’s actually important to me, which is real notifications - including flags.

An option to show only the actual notification count (as on your avatar icon) would be much more useful. I suppose this has been considered but discarded - if so I’d be curious to understand why?


I think this area is ripe for experimentation in a theme component, maybe this is a user pref? Maybe we should switch logged on users to show blue+green+red unconditionally