Seeing multiple posts per topic in search results

Right now the only way that I have found to have multiple posts from the same topic (when you aren’t searching in a specific topic) to display in search results is by setting it to “Most Liked”.

I expected “Latest Post” to also show multiple posts from the same topic, but it only shows the latest post from a topic with the search term in it, and none of the other posts with the word in said topic. This makes it pretty hard to find a particular post when you don’t know what topic it’s in.

Is there a way for search to return all posts where a term is used in “latest” chronological order?

It’s not the answer to your question, since you seem to be talking about posts that you know exist because you have previously seen them, one way to improve your search resoluts might be to limit the search to “posts I read” or “topics I posted in”. Or, where applicable “posts I liked” or “posts with images”.

I just tried doing that and I think it still displays results as topics and not as posts? (i.e. omitting posts in favor of the latest one in the topic).

Is there some non-“most liked” search term I can use to get multiple posts from one topic to show up?