Sender name of the Summary email

In my email client (gmail), the summary I received from Discourse Meta looks like this:

In my opinion, it looks a bit awkward.

In the first row, “[SpringRoll/Bellhop] Feature/debug mode (#32)” sounds like a title and “Sean Ryan” sounds like a sender name.

In the second row, “[Discourse Meta] Summary” sounds like a title, but “Discourse Meta summ.” doesn’t sound like a sender name. It’s just a redundant version of the title (let alone the truncation issue, which I will speak about later).

Using “Discourse Meta” as the sender name would make more sense to me. In fact, I once received an email with “Discourse Meta” as the sender name: the account activation email… Why 2 sender names? Are they different senders?

There is another issue with the French version (and maybe with other locales):

Now the sender name is composed of “résumé de” (meaning “summary of”) followed by the truncated website name. The result, “résumé de Le projet” is meaningless in French (it sounds funny, like baby talk), let alone the missing uppercase first letter.

The truncation will often be an issue if you add 10 letters ("résumé de ") to the beginning of a website name.

Also, in English, you can append the word “summary” after a website name and it always works. In French, it doesn’t. You need a separator to make it work, such as “Le projet Castafiore - Résumé”. Which of course is even more redundant with the email title “[Le projet Castafiore] Résumé”.

Again, the solution seems obvious to me: just use the website name as the sender name (remove “summary” and “résumé de”).


Perhaps, what do you think @neil?

So you’re saying that the from of the emails should simply be the name of the site and drop the word “summary” from it? If so, I agree.


Sure let’s make it so! :+1:

edit: I’ve commited that change.