SEO problem after update

I am no longer able because Google and Bing no longer index my site after doing an update 3 weeks ago, slowly all the pages have disappeared from the serp.

I checked robot.txt, I also tried to eliminate it completely for a week, but it seems that the problem is not there. Robot tests respond well.

I also did all the checks for any penalties, but no warning is present in the google search console, it sounds strange to me that even bing does not index the pages.

Currently the pages have been reduced to just over 6, from about 300 and more.

I accept your suggestions, tools and analysis.

Are You using the discourse sitemap plugin? is valid so I’m guessing they do have it enabled.

@salvino What’s the status of the domain in Google’s Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools)? From there you should be able to see how much exists in the search cache and how far through your sitemap it has crawled. It will typically also show any crawling issues.


Yes the sitemap is enabled,

Maybe it is a coincidence, and something unrelated developing three weeks ago is affecting the the way your site is being used. :thinking:

I think the problem is more fundamental, there are only six search results for the domain.

It may be a coincidence, but it is strange that both bing and google stuck in the same period.

Have you checked your sitemap settings in search console and tired to use the fetch as googlebot?