Website for Netherlands and Belgium visitors disappears in Google after migration to Discourse

Hi there,

2 weeks ago I migrated my website from MyBB to Discourse.
Now the old URLs are disappearing from Google Search, while not being replaced with the new ones.
This happens despite the facts that

  • permalinks from the old urls to the new ones work fine
  • I installed the sitemap plugin

When I enter a url in the the Google Search console, this is the feedback:

When performing a live test, these are the results:

So I thought maybe there is a problem with the sitemap?
When I go to sitemaps, this is what I see:

So the status is “Success” but it didn’t discover any URLs?
When I click on it, this is what I see:

So sitemap_1.xml only has 6,382 discoverd URLs, while these are my Site Statistics:

So shouldn’t there have been way more URLs discovered?

Please help me, as I am losing a lot of visitors because of this.

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This is what i get when i try to visit your website and this is the reason why you are loosing visitors.


Thank you for your reply and your feedback.
My website is only for visitors from the Netherlands and Belgium. Only visitors from other countries will see that screen. I whitelisted Google, so GoogleBot will also not see that screen.
This has always been the case and has never caused any problems in the 8 years that my website exists.
As you can see in my first post, Google also doesn’t detect any errors.

So even though that unattractive page appears to you, it is not the reason that my URLs are disappearing from Google.


You may have to consider using the discourse-sitemap plugin and submit the sitemap to google again. sometimes, crawlers cause these kind of issues when the page schema changes.


Thank you, I resubmitted the sitemap (and I was already using the plugin).
So now I’ll wait and hope Google will start indexing the pages again soon.

I also noticed there aren’t any URLs to user profiles in the sitemap. Will Google find them automatically or will it stick to the sitemap and only index those pages?

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