Separation lines in a post

Hello, I saw an post in the Roblox Developer Forum Discourse with theses grey separation lines, I would like to use them in a post but I don’t know how. Can someone please help me?

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Do you mean

this lines

You can make them with three underscores ___ in a separate line


Everyday something new :+1:

Underscores are much faster to type than <br />

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You can also use any of these too for the same result: :+1:


A good trick to check the formatting of a Discourse post is to either quote it into your composer and check the Markdown in there, or you could also use the raw link to see the raw version. Eg.


Damn :rofl: I did learn, but ”wrong” things

I should open that image first, because now we are in issues of dark modes: dark grey on black is almost as bad UX than yellow on white.

I reckoned there was an empty line, but there was a horizontal rule instead.

So… all of earlier examples are totally different things than <br />

Does markdown offer some neatier tool to get extra empty line?

Yes, thanks for the tip!

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