Set defaults settings for users/categories

Hi there, I’m new to Discourse and I really can’t find a topic that describes what I’m looking for.

  1. I’d love to set some default settings for all the new upcoming categories so that future moderators/admins don’t need to set those settings manually.

  2. In a similar manner, I need to force the default Dark mode colour scheme in the User Interface Preferences, so that users don’t need to set it manually. (I forked the Air Theme so I’m able to modify it, maybe is something I can handle via theme).

I can’t find anything in the Admin Settings related to the Category > Settings defaults or the User > Preferences > Interface, and I’m wondering if anybody knows how to set these settings.

I’m not sure if this is the right place where to ask this, in case I was wrong, I’m sorry and of course feel free to change this topic category.

thanks in advance!

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I don’t think we have a way to set default settings for new categories, unfortunately.

You can set a default dark mode scheme in your site settings, search for dark mode. (For the record, this will be enabled by default for new instances, we’re adding this feature in the current release cycle.)

Thanks for your kind reply!

I was able to set the default Dark Mode Scheme, and I can confirm that the “Toggle Light/Dark Mode” component I use with my forked Air Theme, still works!

It’s a pity that there is no way to set default settings for new categories, I hope this will come in some future release. Do you think that it would be worth to report this as a feature request in the proper category, here on Meta?

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