Set the top menu in the mobile view independently of the desktop view

Set the top menu in the mobile view independently of the desktop view.

Reason: many users want the familiar view of their categories for their desktop browsers as default. But they want the “latest” look for the mobile phone, so they can simply scroll infinitely.

We already use an ugly nginx-hack to realize this. However, the users are clicking on the the logo to return to the beginning of the page.The logo links to “/”, which is again the category view rather than the “latest” view. So you need an other hack to make this happen.

(Look here for the “hacks” How to default to latest on mobile and categories+latest on desktop?)

Perhaps this could be implemented in a future version Discourse, so that we can stop using the workarounds.


I’m in favor of this as well.

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Adding in my support for this as well (in addition to this topic). We like the categories+latest view on the Desktop, but on mobile we really just want the topic list…

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I think categories is pretty bad on desktop, too.

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I’m sorry - categories + latest on desktop. I can agree that categories is pretty bad on desktop.

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I’d like to bump this and throw my support behind this as well. Categories+Latest is excellent on desktop, but it results in Categories on mobile, which isn’t as useful as just the Latest topics. I am using Discourse for community forums, and while desktop users love their first experience, mobile users just bounce. If there’s a GH issue to track this, let me know and I’ll subscribe / help however I can.

Thanks for all the hard work!


I would like to see this as well. It’s very helpful on desktop to see both latest posts and all categories. This provides an overview of the forum (for new visitors), at the same time as displaying what’s new (for returning users).

However, on mobile, seeing latest topics is more engaging than seeing the same categories every time. This is particularly true in my use case because I have my categories in a static order reflecting their general importance; thus new posts don’t rise to the top on mobile unless they are in the top category.


Any news on this topic, Joshua?


Nothing that I am aware of. Please note that when I made my comments back in April I was just a community member, not on the team yet. I’ve not heard the topic come up since I joined Discourse.

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I would also like to see that implemented please