Set Theme Dynamically

Happy New Year, everyone!
I want to set theme dynamically on my website(discourse-based).
So I want to set different theme(I already imported some themes) in every some hours or for different domains.
Is this possible?
If this is possible, Anybody who knows about this help me to implement this please.
or Which function I should modify to implement this feature?
Thank you.


Interesting question.

Just a guess. I suppose you can create a script that will use Discourse’s API doing a PUT request on[id_theme] with the body {"theme":{"enabled":false}} (false to disable or true to enable).

I may try tonight.

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Sorry for the long wait. Busy day :technologist:

So, you can indeed enable or disable a theme or a component with a simple API request.

You’ll have to create an API key with the right credentials and assign an admin user to it.

  • in your Discourse: admin panel → API → + New API Key

  • in the script you’ll use, as mentioned, do a PUT request on[id_theme] with the proper headers (see the authentication part on and a JSON body such as:


This will disable the chosen theme/component. Video example with Insomnia:

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