How to change default Discourse theme via CLI?

(Christoph Loesch) #1

just upgraded discourse from 2.0.0.beta4 to 2.0.0.beta5 and now the page does not load.
browser console gives some error about my slick gallery component which i have set as default theme.
now i tried to access /admin/ but here i get the same result.
i have alread read How to change default Discourse theme?
but as said, i cant access discourse administration.
how could i change the default theme on cli?

(David Taylor) #2

You can use safe mode to access the site if you have an issue with a theme/plugin:

(Christoph Loesch) #3

thanks for the hint!
i think this should be stated in installation guide and in guide for how to add plugins/themes. :slight_smile: