Set up Discord notifications using the discourse-chat-integration plugin

Hi @david, nice plugin. I am just trying to set it up, but I cannot find the Discord Tab where to add the chanels and the webhook address. The only thing I see is:

Go to “plugins” at the top of your screen, and then choose “chat integration” from the menu on the left.


Oh, fast reply :slight_smile:Thanks a lot.
Well, yes there I am. I have set chat integration discord enabled to yes, added chat integration discord message content. So, now I cannot find anything more, no Discord Tab…

Sorry, I am blind. Got it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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for what it is worth, I can’t find the Discord Tab either… I am not sure this plugin works anymore.

The plugin definitely does still work. Once you have enabled the plugin, and enabled the “discord” provider:

Here’s a screenshot showing where it is located:


Thanks David! It did finally show up and is working now.

@david I am stuck on this i cant find the discord tab or the add channel tab.

Have you refreshed the page since you enabled the chat-integration plugin? Do you have any errors in your javascript console?

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I closed the page and tried agin and it worked. Thank you

This is wonderful, however I’m wondering if it’s possible to:

Set thumbnail on the embeds?
How to do proper line breaks in the embeds?

Would really appreciate if someone could provide some more details on this, and if possible also footer settings.

This plugin works great - thank you!

The question is that the ‘tag only’ rule seems a bit inconsistent in working. It seems to work when first created as a Rule under a Discord webhook channel, where we look for a tag (say #chat) but then it seems to stop sending out updates after 5 minutes or so.

Could it be a rate limit thing that Discord have added? I couldn’t see anything in the logs on the Discourse side.

This could very well be rate limiting yes.

Discord allows you to make 5 of “any” requests to their API per 5 seconds, if you exceed this you’ll be rate-limited as described here:

Discord Developer Portal - Rate Limits

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Would it be possible for this plugin to support posting thread links to more than one discord server? I’m assuming this would require custom development.