Set username and mail address at invation

We want to use discourse as an organization where we want to invite people with a preset nickname and mailadress (which is their self given name/mail in the registration at our organization).
We would like to that they do not change the name and mail, due to compliance (they set it at offline registration at our organization.

Where can we set this or do we need a plugin to close these changes?

The best solution would be to use sso and have whatever system is already in place enforce this w rules.


we do not have any system already in place.

What system manages their email?

There is email domains whitelist, such requires that they have a certain email domain, and you can disable changing user names.

You could create the accounts with the API and then direct people to the site.

What you’re asking for is identity management.

Discourse isn’t an IdM. Whether you have one or not that what you need. IdM+SSO is the way to achieve this.