Setting Security Parameters: Log-In, Read-Only, Protected Groups

For my organization’s Discourse forum, I am wondering how to set parameters on security. Namely:

-How to make required fields when people register, so that they have to submit their First Name, Last Name, Organization, and Job Role

-I want people to not be able to post unless they create an account. Essentially, the forum should be read-only until you create an account.

-I would like to create groups/rooms/categories that are only for certain people. I noticed the “trust levels” but I am unsure how to leverage these so that I can categorize the users. (For example: we’d love to have a room just for stakeholders.)

Any help/guidance is appreciated!

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See How to create and configure Custom User Fields. Be sure to check off “Required at signup?” if you want the fields to be mandatory.

All good, that’s how Discourse works. There is no way to post, create a topic, like, etc without an account.

See How to create private categories using category security settings.