Setting up a 'default' category

(pitosalas) #1

If user doesn’t understand the idea of categories, and in our site, there’s one category (called “teaching and learning”) that will contain the vast majority of posts, then how do I make “teaching and learning” appear in the category drop down initially? Thanks!

Public and Private Categories
(Sam Saffron) #2

You can not easily control the order there, best you can do is disable uncategorized from site settings

(pitosalas) #3

Thanks. Are they alphabetized in UI. I could artificially name my default category to something that sorts first?

(pitosalas) #4

Or, I could rename “uncategorized” ?

(Sam Saffron) #5

The ordering of categories is a long and contentious topic, see: Discourse Meta for some more context.

We display categories in a list in 4 spots but not all of them will respect fixed category positions

(Kane York) #6

If it does contain the majority of posts, that will happen automatically.

(Spooky) #7

Is there an option to rename the category “uncategorized”?

(Kane York) #8

Yes, you can rename the uncategorized category. did that.

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