Setting up a 'default' category

If user doesn’t understand the idea of categories, and in our site, there’s one category (called “teaching and learning”) that will contain the vast majority of posts, then how do I make “teaching and learning” appear in the category drop down initially? Thanks!

You can not easily control the order there, best you can do is disable uncategorized from site settings

Thanks. Are they alphabetized in UI. I could artificially name my default category to something that sorts first?

Or, I could rename “uncategorized” ?

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The ordering of categories is a long and contentious topic, see: for some more context.

We display categories in a list in 4 spots but not all of them will respect fixed category positions

If it does contain the majority of posts, that will happen automatically.

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Is there an option to rename the category “uncategorized”?

Yes, you can rename the uncategorized category. did that.


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